Our Customer Experience Philosophy

November 25, 2016

Consumers in today’s market consider the process of purchasing just as important as the product itself, making a positive customer experience critical. We’ve seen this in the wild success of companies such as Uber and Airbnb. These companies have taken an existing service (providing transportation and an overnight stay) and packaged it in a better experience. It is therefore imperative that we create positive experiences for our customers in addition to the quality product we are already known for.
At Sorbara, we are doing exactly that. We are committed to providing a holistic, customer centric experience in all our sectors, including land development, residential and industrial construction and property management. Unlike customer service, which usually starts at the end of the purchase, customer experience starts at the beginning and continues through the entire process. We have reached a way of thinking that puts the customer at the forefront of all decision making. We achieve industry leadership in this area by consistently implementing our four pillars of success into our everyday interactions with our tenants, suppliers, prospects, homeowners, trades, business partners and stakeholders.
Through effective communication, we are approachable, transparent and active listeners who strive to provide easily accessible information in a proactive manner. We also set reachable, reasonable and clear expectations and then strive to exceed them. Additionally, every interaction we have, shows that we respect the recipient and we strive to create a culture of empathy and caring. Finally, we understand how important it is to develop trust and to build relationships so we strive to engage in the individual story of each of our contacts.
Of course, none of this is possible without the commitment of the entire Sorbara team, working together towards our common goal, to complement our growth over the coming years.