Sorbara’s Great Tenant Relationships Span Decades

November 25, 2016

Jim Mackenzie of Alltemp Products has been a Sorbara Tenant for 53 Years.

At Sorbara, we believe that exceptional service and support are key elements to any successful property management project. We understand the importance of making our tenant’s happy and satisfied as the key principles of our property management business. It is our deep commitment to our tenants that has allowed us to build trusted relationships that span decades. One such example of this is Jim Mackenzie, President of Alltemp Products. For over 53 years, this trusted supplier of quality HVAC motors has been renting space from us. Alltemp has moved its operations several times, but every time they’ve moved they’ve chosen a facility that is run and maintained by Sorbara. Jim is just one example of how we value our tenants and how important relationships are to us.