The Rise of Urban Towns

January 17, 2018

Why urban towns are the new standard in urban living.

Urban living has given rise to the condo: floor to ceiling glass towers that ascend storeys high into the skyline. These storeys upon storeys of dense living are home to thousands of families. Families that often sacrifice space for affordability, or personal outdoor retreats for shared indoor amenities.

However a new standard in urban living has broken ground. Introducing urban townhomes. Designed with the benefits of condo living in mind, urban towns offer homeowners the best of both worlds. Where instead of 500 square feet of indoor livable space, urban towns can offer residents up to 370 square feet of personal outdoor living. And that’s just the terrace. Urban towns are crafted by employing an intelligent design methodology. Where every square foot has a purpose. Space is not wasted, rather reengineered to suit the urban lifestyle. A lifestyle where you can have your own front door access and also unparalleled access to your surroundings. Where you have added personal space, but also the convenience of reduced maintenance living.

The multiple levels of urban town design creates space and separation from sleeping and living areas, something few are afforded with smaller condo conditions. Personalization is also a feature of urban town design. With more space for living, homeowners can create an abode that truly feels like their own.

Welcome home to the new standard in urban living.

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