Urban Oasis

January 23, 2018

Whether a garden terrace or a rooftop patio, explore the trends making a statement this season.

An outdoor space in the heart of urban living is a true oasis. A place where you can connect with nature without losing connection and access to the things you love and need. Whether a courtyard where you can grow flora and fauna or just a sunny retreat where you can escape at moment’s notice, a backyard or terrace is the ultimate extension of your personal living space. And it can also be an extension of your personal style. Here are a few trends taking bloom this season.


The North African country Morocco is alive with colour and tapestry. Full of intricate detail and geometric prints, the bold aesthetic perfectly complements a more natural backdrop, bringing even more colour to plants and flowers. From accent pillows to outdoor carpet patterns, a little taste of Morocco can add a pop of extravagance to your outdoor oasis, making you feel like you are truly somewhere else.


Another trend that’s flourishing is monochromatic. The black and white aesthetic allows for the true beauty of your natural surroundings to take bloom. From grecian white outdoor rugs to black wicker chairs, the bold yet understated trend acts as the perfect backdrop to plant life, herbs, succulents and even an urban skyline.


A trend that’s also taking root is the application of unfinished wood furnishings. From maple to cedar, wood furniture, a look that was once reserved solely for indoor interiors, has become the go-to trend for outdoor spaces. The rustic aesthetic is the perfect extension of the outdoor environment, with each piece telling a unique story. An added bonus, the live edge finishing and industrial accents age well in the temperate Canadian climate.


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