iHOME: The Rise to Connected Living

February 6, 2018

How the trending smart home is changing the way we live, one connection at a time.

The first wave of intelligent living is here. From smart assistants and voice control to automated furnishings and beyond, the future is more connected than ever — and your home can be too. In recent years, the connected home has moved beyond light bulbs and smart sockets to become a more appealing and financially accessible concept, one connecting homeowners to new ways to live, work and play. Discover a few of the trends connecting homeowners like never before.


Voice-controlled home assistants have been a surprise hit, with Google’s Home and Amazon’s Echo becoming a fixture in homes across Canada.

As voice assistants are shaping up to be the main portable interface of a smart home, brands are up-skilling their assistants to be even more helpful to consumers. These intuitive devices can take lists, order groceries, lock your doors, even press play on your favourite playlist.


With unprecedented growth in artificial intelligence comes the change for furnishings and fixtures that can connect and adapt.

Small-space solution Ori (named after origami), is a modular plywood home system that condenses a bed, work area, storage and sofa into one piece, which can be controlled via your Alexa. A nice-to-have option for creating a little extra space.

From ordering groceries from the convenience of your kitchen to furnishings that can expand and compress at the push of a button, these innovative, smart home solutions are the perfect complement to urban townhome living, one you can easily add to your townhouse at The Way.*


The Way Urban Townhomes is an intimate enclave of homes designed for living, located just moments from the corner of Erin Mills Parkway and The Collegeway in Erin Mills.

The intelligent 2-storey home designs at The Way offer the best of new home living. Brought to you by the Sorbara Group of Companies, Metropia and Greybrook Realty Partners, The Way Urban Townhomes is your new way home in early 2018.

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*Disclaimer: The smart home items mentioned above are not available for purchase through Sorbara.