Elegance and Tradition

Yours to enjoy: a sweepingly elegant new life in a prestigious residential community where luxury is having all the space you could possibly need. A residential development of only 67 homes on 60′ and 69′ lots, each home features Sorbara’s signature attention to detail in which a prime location, architectural gravitas, and interior sophistication seamlessly co-exist.

Inspired by the grand house tradition, residences offer a classic air. Beautifully situated and designed in compliance with the community’s guidelines, the homes reflect a respect for the community at large. The elements that make these homes so distinctive are the very same that contribute to their appeal: the classical approach to their design, in which the perfection of every architectural detail is made to matter.


Kleinburg and its heritage heart – Kleinburg Village – is a prestigious southern Ontario community that retains the aura of the 19th century, while being sought after for a lifestyle that reflects a slower, more graceful, pace. Stroll through and enjoy beautifully cared-for landmark buildings that have been transformed into specialty retail, cafés and restaurants. Enjoy that feeling of living in a picturesque place where, as a resident, you can embrace a lifestyle of art, culture and outdoor recreation, set amidst nature’s own backdrop.

Located nearby in the Village of Kleinburg is the internationally famous McMichael Gallery. Dedicated to the Group of Seven and their contemporaries, the McMichael Gallery and its surrounding woodland habitat is an immersion course in Canadian art, its people, their cultures and history. This proximity to the McMichael has informed the spirit of Kleinburg – making it both a destination and a cultural inspiration for those who come to live and visit. View the ever-changing exhibitions, plan a meal in its café, or enjoy a wander through the woods, as a resident, McMichael becomes part of your lifestyle options.