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  • Am I able to make changes to my selections and upgrades before closing?

    Due to the complexity of some upgrades, many changes are not possible after décor selections have been completed and approved. Any change requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and may not be available once construction has commenced.

  • How can I verify my closing date?

    As per Tarion guidelines outlined in the Statement of Critical Dates, all home builders are mandated to inform homebuyers of any delays 90 days ahead of the previously provided Tentative Closing Date. Our Customer Care team will update you regarding any further delays where applicable.

    Note that if no further update is provided ahead of the 90-day deadline, your Tentative or Second Tentative Closing Date will become your new firm closing date.

  • How can I verify my occupancy date?

    Your First Tentative Occupancy Date or First Tentative Closing Date can be found in the Statement of Critical Dates which is attached to and forms part of your Agreement of Purchase and Sale.

    From time to time while your new home is being built, you may receive a notice from the Vendor setting:

    Condominium Projects - a subsequent Tentative Occupancy Date, a Final Tentative Occupancy Date or a Firm Occupancy Date;

    Freehold POTL/Common Elements Condominium Projects – A Second Tentative Occupancy Date or a Firm Occupancy Date;

    Freehold Projects – a Second Tentative Closing Date or a Firm Closing Date.

    You should pay special attention to any correspondence received from the Vendor and forward a copy of the same to your lawyers to keep them informed of the status of the closing of your new home.

    For any further clarification regarding your Agreement of Purchaser and Sale, it is recommended you consult with your lawyer.

  • What is the difference between occupancy and closing?

    For purchasers of units in a Standard Condominium or a POTL/Common Elements Condominium, it is typical to have an interim occupancy in advance of your final closing. Interim occupancy occurs when your home has been approved to occupy by the relevant approving authorities. During the interim occupancy period, you are required to pay the Vendor interim occupancy fees which are comprised of interest on the unpaid balance of the purchase price for the unit, estimated realty taxes and common expenses. Once the condominium declaration and plan has been registered with the Land Registry Office, your Final Closing Date or Unit Transfer Date will be set.

    Final Closing Dates are normally set between 20 to 30 days following registration of the condominium. On the Final Closing Date, the title to your condominium will be transferred to you and you will be required to pay the balance of the purchase price.

  • Am I able to verify the information that my financial institute is requesting?

    Any requests of this nature can be sent to our Customer Care team at CustomerCare@sorbara.com.

  • Who can we contact to set up an appraisal appointment?

    Please have your appraiser reach out to our Customer Care team indicating the site, lot number and requested date in order to set up an appraisal appointment.

  • How can I receive updates on the construction and progression of my home?

    Our teams work to keep you informed on how your home’s construction is progressing. Specific inquiries can be brought to the attention of our Customer Care team at CustomerCare@sorbara.com.

  • Can I view my home during construction?

    Where possible, our teams reach out to homebuyers at the framing stage to invite them for an optional Frame Walk appointment where they can view the progress of your home’s construction.

    The next opportunity to see the home will be at your Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI).

  • How does the PDI work?

    One of Sorbara’s Warranty Service Inspectors will welcome and walk you through your home to verify that all selections and upgrades have been properly constructed. The inspector will show you how the home operates, identifying key features and make note of any areas of concern ahead of closing.

  • When will my PDI be?

    In most cases, PDIs are conducted one to two weeks prior to closing. A Sorbara After Sales Service team member will reach out to you directly via email to set up a PDI appointment roughly two weeks in advance of your inspection date.

  • What happens if items from the PDI have not been completed prior to closing?

    Though our teams and partners work diligently to rectify any items of concern prior to closing, at times some items may remain to be completed. Rest assured; our teams will continue to work thoroughly to have all items completed in a timely manner.

  • What is the warranty on my home?

    Your new home is covered under warranty through Tarion Warranty Corporation for seven years. You have the opportunity to further review and report on your home by completing your 30-day, Year-End and Second-Year Tarion warranty forms.

    You can always reach out to your Warranty Service Coordinator in between Tarion forms for more urgent repairs within your warrantable period. Such as plumbing, electrical and HVAC concerns.

    More information on the warranty of the home can be found on Tarion’s website at www.tarion.com

    Please note that as of May 1, 2024, Tarion has made changes to their Customer Service Standard (CSS), including the addition of a six-month form.

    For a complete list of changes to Tarion’s CSS, please visit www.tarion.com/CSS-Updates.