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Once Upon a Time in Fergus

The story of Fergus is one that’s steeped in the rich history of Canada’s colonial past. Founded in 1833, the following decades saw the tiny village of Fergus grow into a bustling mill town.

The Heart of Fergus

Much like today, The Grand River was the heart of Fergus from the very beginning.

The energetic flow of the river’s water was used to power the mills and nourish the farmlands, such as nearby Elora Mill pictured here.

Today many of those same buildings that began to spring up nearly 200 years ago are still in use as homes and shops in Fergus’ downtown, giving Fergus a signature heritage flair that is increasingly difficult to find in Southern Ontario.

Residents of Storybrook will enjoy the convenience and comfort that comes with living adjacent to a brand-new state-of-the-art hospital facility. Located just moments from the community, Groves Memorial Community Hospital is a facility that will include more space for emergency, ambulatory, diagnostic and inpatient services to accommodate the needs of this growing community.

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